About Us


Miphash is a team of blockchain , entrepreneurs, investors, crypto mining experts and climate change experts who are working towards the same goal which is ensuring we maximize the profit of our investors beyond what any other platform can offer, help diminish emissions and cost from electricity, by making use of the latest mining technology in the crypto mining industry. The internet is filled with overpriced, scam-like crypto mining companies, though profitable but they are actually making use of technology that is damaging our planet.

The Problem

With so many crypto mining platforms, is actually difficult to know which platform to work with and which company can actually deliver the services you actually need. Since high electricity bill had been having a lot of shares from the total mined coin which actually affect the daily income of investors, We decided to work with our experts towards taking a bold step to deliver an affordable, reliable and trust worthy service to our investors.

The Solution

Miphash was formed to provide bitcoin mining services with no negative impact on the human environment, which would serve as a  safe and secure platform for anyone interested in either getting started in the cryptocurrency mining space and those who have been around for a while. Our facilities can accommodate a large number of investors without any complication. Miphash was founded in 2018 and we have been making a great impact in the crypto mining industry.

Our Team

Miphash team are made up of top crypto mining experts, blockchain enthusiast, Weather specialist and investors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the entire world of crytocurrency cloud mining industry and attain global recognition as the best cryptocurrency cloud mining service provider.